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Indigo App Turns Your Mobile Device Into a Personal Assistant

Indigo, the free Artificial Solutions app for Android devices, is poised to give Siri a run for its money. This is great news for Android users looking to have a talking assistant functionality on their devices.

Indigo is a brand new app, released on April 23, 2013. We’ll address some of the issues you might expect with a 1.0 app, but we can say we’re pleased with the overall functionality of this personal assistant app.

Natural Language Interaction: One of the things that impressed us out of the gate is Natural Language Interaction (NLI) being perfected at Artificial Solutions. Voice commands aren’t particularly new in the world of computing technology, but it has typically been quite restrictive, offering up only a handful of useful commands that often take time to prefect or to “teach” the application to understand your voice.

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Deborah Ellis —

I just love Indigo. She does quite well.

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Deborah Ellis —

Indigo is an awesome app

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