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Update: Indigo for Android

The latest version of the personal assistant Indigo ( for Android is currently available at the Google Play Store. Here is a list of the changes and fixes from previous versions:
  • Microphone is opened automatically when Indigo requests more information: while you are conversing with Indigo and ask it to set a reminder or book a meeting, the microphone will remain open while Indigo requests all the information needed to complete the task. Once the task is performed, you’ll need to tap the microphone icon to activate it again.
  • Knowledge: Indigo has learned about Riddles. You can try asking Indigo for one by saying “Tell me a riddle”.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Other minor bug fixing / improvements.

To update Indigo or download it for the first time, go to:

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Christian Perkins —

I only recently downloaded indigo, however, being able to have a wake-up phrase that works, even when indigo isn’t open or the current on-screen app, would improve the application.

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Barbara C. Eaton —

My brother-in-law is visually impaired. I gave him my old Samsung s3 telephone to use only as a device. I tried several assistants and the best one is Indigo.

There are some requests we would like to make. Once an application is open. if one could ask Indigo to scroll down to a particular item would be so wonderful.

Also if a blind person could ask Indigo to shut down or restart their device would be absolutely awesome.

Your app has improved my brother-in-laws life. We do though ask for the above to additions to this marvelous application. Thank you and God Bless you.

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    Indigo Team

    Thank you for your message Barbara! We are very happy to be able to help you brother through Indigo and that our app is making a difference. We’ll pass your suggestions to our developer team and keep you posted about new updates.

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