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Indigo for Android allows you to play music stored on your device!

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The latest version of the personal assistant Indigo ( for Android is currently available at the Google Play Store.

This new version brings a very requested featured! Indigo is now able to help you play music that you have stored on your device

- Music Player! Play all the music you copied onto your device. Now you can control your tunes by voice!

Try this feature out by using phrases like:

  • Play me some music
  • I want to listen to (your favorite singer)
  • Play me some music from (your favorite singer)
  • Shuffle/Repeat
  • Skip/Next/Next song/Previous song

Other changes
- Fixed crash: If you like Indigo, please consider leaving a review. It really helps!

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Jane Boreham —

Be really good if indigo could be activated just by speaking to her

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