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Indigo App Turns Your Mobile Device Into a Personal Assistant

Indigo, the free Artificial Solutions app for Android devices, is poised to give Siri a run for its money. This is great news for Android users looking to have a talking assistant functionality on their devices.

Indigo Voice Assistant Feels More Friendly Than Siri or Google Now

Indigo and it’s a voice assistant that really knows how to carry on a conversation.

My Red Lumia just got an Indigo Upgrade

From my testing over the weekend, I’m impressed. Besides the generally accurate voice recognition and picking up cues from natural speech, which are no slouch, they have already implemented a few tricks that make the app stand out.

Sneak Peek at Indigo, the upcoming personal assistant for Windows Phone [Video]

If you’re not familiar with Indigo, you should be as we’ve covered it numerous times already. It’s a cross-platform personal assistant for both Windows Phone and Android.

Indigo Is A Voice Assistant That Knows How To Carry On A Conversation Like A Normal Person (Or Clever Bot)

If you’d like to try an alternative voice assistant, Indigo may grab your attention on this front. The pitch here is that the app remembers your conversations and can sync those inquiries across devices.

Personal assistant Indigo release date announced, coming to Windows Phone 8 on April 23rd

Hello Indigo, if you’re not already familiar with the name, is a personal assistant that’s set to be released later this month.

Siri like Personal Assistant for Windows Phone- Indigo

Indigo is a cloud-based personal assistant app that you can download to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sneak (s)Peak with Indigo, the new digital personal assistant

We reported yesterday on Indigo, the new voice controlled personal assistant from Artificial Solutions and promised that we’d try and spend some time with the app here at MWC.

Indigo Is The Smarter Virtual Assistant Who Remembers And Follows You On Multiple Devices

The feature that makes Indigo really stand out is Indigo’s cloud-based syncing technology that allows you to ask Indigo a question on one device and continue the conversation on a separate device, since Indigo stores your history in the cloud and sen

Indigo personal assistant service headed to Windows Phone

What’s interesting about Indigo is it works across multiple platforms and devices. As we understand it, your Indigo profile is cloud based to allow it to follow you from device to device and platform to platform.