You shouldn’t have any problems downloading or operating Indigo but just in case something out the ordinary happens and you need some pointers here’s a few. If you have any suggestions for questions please let us know at suggestions at

Indigo is a personal assistant that once downloaded you can use on android, iOS or windows 8 devices. You interact with Indigo simply by talking to it as if you would another human, it’s intelligent enough to understand and converse with you in everyday language.
Once you have downloaded Indigo you will be able to:

  • Get Informed by asking Indigo for any information
  • Get Planning by organizing your calendar, reminders and travel routes
  • Get Social by telling Indigo what updates you’d like to your social networks – so Facebook status updates are just a conversation away.

Indigo works on the principle of Speak and You Shall Be Heard!

To get the advanced version of Indigo go to and create an account. Here you will be able to set your preferences and synchronize Indigo to your email, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Indigo has the ability to make your life easier through the power of your voice. The app will transform the way you work your phone, tablet or computer. Specifics include telling Indigo to:

  • Check your contacts
  • Send a text, email or make a call
  • Update your Facebook status, send a Tweet, etc
  • Update your diary
  • Send meeting invitations
  • Get weather forecasts
  • Carry out an internet search
  • Give you directions
  • Find you landmarks
  • And much more…

Indigo is immediately available for all Windows Phone 8 devices, on iPhone & iPad with iOS 6 and above, and on Android running off either Jellybean 4.2 or Ice Cream Sandwich. We have also ensured that Indigo is fully optimized for the Google Nexus range in order to take advantage of the devices features.

Indigo is currently available in the Windows Phone, iOS or Google play stores.

Nothing, Indigo it’s FREE to download.

You can download Indigo by visiting either the Google play store,  iOS or Window Phone Store.

No, there are significant differences between Siri and Indigo – in particular the technology and availability for Indigo makes it the world’s most intelligent Personal Assistant. Whilst Siri is a personal assistant for the iPhone, Indigo can be downloaded to multiple devices – Android (Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich), Windows 8 devices and also in  iOS.

Indigo is also extremely intelligent, it’s like talking with another human-being… and being understood.

The features of Indigo are also more comprehensive and uniquely tailored for you and your preferences. With Indigo you can:

  • Personalize your settings
  • Build a profile based on your interests and hobbies so we can bring you tailored messages and offers
  • Search the internet
  • Update social network statuses

And much more!

English at the moment but more languages will follow.

 We will be making Indigo multi-lingual in the future.  To keep updated about the languages available as and when they are released please opt-in to our email notifications

Please do, send us an email to suggestions at and we’ll look into it.

We would love to hear any ideas you may have for new features and enhancements as we aim to make Indigo as personal to you as possible.  Just send us any suggestions to suggestions at


Questions for After Downloading

If you have any difficulty during the download of Indigo please check that you still have access to the internet.

If Indigo does not automatically close please do so manually.  Re-open Indigo and if the problem persists please email us at support at

You can access Indigo on any device that is compatible to the app.  All you need to do is download Indigo from the app store onto each device and then login using the same account details across all devices.

Once you have downloaded Indigo you can use it straight away. You will be asked a few details in order to register on your first visit. You can also set up your syncronizations with email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, etc, via the settings menu.

You can also visit and login using your same account details to set up more preferences and interests in order to tailor Indigo to your wants, needs and uses.

Indigo has been developed to offer a truly personal experience so you can customize the application once you have downloaded it.

You can set basic preferences through Indigo’s settings menu on the devices.

You can either set your phone to automatically download the latest updates or do so when they are made available in the app store.

You may have auto update turned off.  To get immediate version updates please turn on ‘auto updates’ in your phone’s settings.

We are always looking to enhance Indigo so new features will be released continuously. If you opt in to receiving the latest news when you create your account and we feel that the features would be of interest to you we will inform you by email. However, you can always visit to get the latest news, information and feature releases.

It may be that Indigo is not recognizing your accent or your gender is set up incorrectly in the settings. To check and update your accent or gender settings you can do so through Indigo’s settings.

If Indigo does not automatically close please do so manually.  Re-open Indigo and if the problem persists please email us at support at

You can uninstall Indigo from you phone’s settings and navigating through the applications section.

Open up Indigo and load up the settings option from here.

Indigo is currently available on Windows Phone 8, Android devices that run off Jellybean 4.2 and Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems, and iPhone and iPads running iOS 6 and above.

With each regular update the file size will change, to get the latest file size please check on either the Windows, iOS or Google Play store.

Go to the Windows, iOS or Google Play app stores and download Indigo.

Once Indigo has been installed on your device you can login to Indigo using your previous account details.

We are constantly adding to the OS/platforms that Indigo is available on. Currently it’s available for download on Windows Phone 8, Android on Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich, and iOS 6 and above.

Check back here for the latest availability.

We do collect certain information from you in order to offer you the most relevant service and suggestions. Information such as location and activities are stored for future reference so Indigo can make recommendations based on what we know about you, rather than making suggestions for the sake of it.

When you set up your account at you have the option to sign up to all our email news and alerts that we will occasionally send. Don’t worry we will always give you the option to unsubscribe in the future if you no longer wish to receive them.