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Indigo App Turns Your Mobile Device Into a Personal Assistant

Indigo, the free Artificial Solutions app for Android devices, is poised to give Siri a run for its money. This is great news for Android users looking to have a talking assistant functionality on their devices.

Indigo Voice Assistant Feels More Friendly Than Siri or Google Now

Indigo and it’s a voice assistant that really knows how to carry on a conversation.

Indigo Is A Voice Assistant That Knows How To Carry On A Conversation Like A Normal Person (Or Clever Bot)

If you’d like to try an alternative voice assistant, Indigo may grab your attention on this front. The pitch here is that the app remembers your conversations and can sync those inquiries across devices.

Indigo assistant takes on Siri: she’ll be everywhere

What we’re seeing here is the developers at Artificial Solutions creating a natural language service that you’ll not easily get away with speaking about without mentioning Apple’s Siri.

Indigo is a cloud-based, cross-platform personal assistant for Android and Windows Phone 8

The app comes courtesy of Artificial Solutions, a company that specializes in natural language. What makes Indigo especially unique (aside from the fact that it’s WP8-compatible) is that it works across different platforms and different devices.

Siri competitor Indigo offers personal assistant services for Android and Windows users

The cloud-based app will be released in beta in the next week, and will be available to Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users, as well as for use on computers and smart TVs.