Discover Indigo - Your New Personal Assistant
Indigo is the personal assistant that you will not be able to live without once you have downloaded.

Indigo for AndroidAvailable for download on any internet-enabled device, whether that’s your smartphone, tablet or computer you’ll be able to have intelligent conversations with Indigo. With a huge amount of intelligence capable of understanding multiple languages, context and intent Indigo understands everyday language. Indigo is a breath of fresh air to other assistants available that annoyingly need you to unlock the ‘secret’ two-word command in order to get anything done.

The need to organize your time and keep up-to-date with your Facebook friends doesn’t stop when you walk out the door – we live life on the move these days. Indigo moves with you and is the true personal assistant that dotes on your every word so speak and you will be heard. Whichever feature you require to use it only takes a second to tell Indigo and your wish is its command.

Indigo has been built with you in mind the whole way. At the centre of its development has been the questions; how can we make your life easier, what would you want it to do for you and how can we make it as intelligent as possible in order to really stand out from the crowd.

The difference we see is that other assistants out there are simple device assistants there to help you use the device and any pre-installed apps such as weather. Whilst Indigo can do all this as well there’s so much more to offer such as integration with:

  • Social Networks: Stay social but without the hassle of having to pull up the app, enter login details and then type your status or Tweet. All you need to do is tell your Indigo app what you want and it will be instantly uploaded. Simple!
  • Restaurant Recommendations: Tired of visiting the same restaurants, clubs or new to an area then let Indigo work with Yelp and find you the ideal venue.
  • Search Engines: We all have those moments when we need to look something up on the internet, save time through the power of your voice, ask the Indigo app and the results will pop open in a new window. Set which search engine you prefer (Google, etc) in the ‘My Preference’s section on this website.
  • Email Accounts: Compose an email on the go by letting Indigo do all the hard work. All you need to do is dictate the message and tell Indigo who to send it to, the rest is done for you.
  • Get Musical: Play all the music you have copied onto your device and control your tunes by voice.You can ask by artist or song so sit back and listen to the music.

So speak and you shall be heard!