Indigo Technical

Indigo is all about bringing you a personal assistant through the gadgets you use and every day conversational language. To make this happen there’s a lot of cool technology behind the scenes.

Adding a meeting with IndigoWe call it Natural Language Interaction, you call it a conversation. Don’t worry, we’re not going to go all out techie on you and start quoting computational linguistics, but we thought you might like us to give you a little insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. If you do want a little more background then you can always go to the makers of Indigo, Artificial Solutions.

So, like you or I, Indigo must first understand what you’re saying and that’s no simple task what with multiple languages, dialects, slang and context all to be taken into account, not to mention that you might have missed off giving certain bits of information like the time of a meeting. Indigo has the intelligence to fire questions back at you to get a complete understanding.

Once an understanding has been gained then Indigo will go off and think of a suitable response, whether that’s within an in-built knowledge base or through a link to an external application such as directions.

Finally, Indigo will get back to you with an appropriate response, whether that’s verbally or through other more appropriate means such as opening a web-page, playing a video or song, or opening another app.

Now all that’s impressive and that’s before we tell you that all this happens in milliseconds!